> F430 Clutch


It's that time of the year when the Ferrari F430 F1 clutch needs to be replaced.

I can't quibble as the Coupe had reached 16,000 miles on its first clutch and with that glorious sounding V8 kicking out 483 bhp I thought it would of given up sooner or later.

The south west London Ferrari dealer took care of business in their friendly efficient manner within their glitzy new service centre. Pay attention dealers this is how a top end aftersales department should look and feel like.

Whilst being repaired the technician found both exhaust manifolds blowing which is a bit annoying as my spider has the same issue but running a slightly higher mileage. Weak manifolds seem to be Maranello’s Achilles heel as my previous 430's had this issue and I can remember the Modena along with the 355 suffering with this affliction in their time.

I would be intrigued to find out what sort of temperatures these manifolds reach as they are double skinned, but no excuse on Ferrari’s front as this issue needs resolving along with abnormal play in the front wishbones.

In Ferrari’s defence they are a small time player compared to Porsche but still manage to build the worlds best sports cars period. How any manufacture can engineer soul into their cars I have no idea but drive any Ferrari back to back with any Porsche and you’ll see what I mean.